Top 10 Heritage Sites in Jersey


For a small island, Jersey has a fascinating history. Here are our Top 10:

Corbiere Lighthouse Corbiere. One of the most photographed images of Jersey and if you want to know why, check out this photo . Use the cycle track all the way from town.

Elizabeth Castle :

Built in the 16th century when Sir Walter Raleigh was Governor of Jersey. The castle is where an exiled Charles II gave a name to an area of land in North America, now known as New Jersey. You can learn about the history of Elizabeth Castle here. Open from beginning of April to end of October Note: Because of it's location access for disabled people is difficult.


German Fortifications:

Jersey and the rest of the Channel Islands were the only part of British soil occupied by the Nazis during World War II. Using slave labour the Nazis left fortifications all around jersey which still stand today. 


Glass Church:

Beautiful glass stained windows by the renowned Rene Lalique.


Gorey Castle:

Mont Orgueil or as it is known locally, Gorey Castle, is a spectacular 13th Century castle on the east coast of the island.


La Hougue Bie:

A Neolithic tomb which is older than the pyramids and the largest collection of Celtic coins on earth found in Jersey.


Martello Towers:

During Napoleonic times a chain of martello towers was built to protect the Island from French Naval attack. They are dotted all around the island some like Kempt Tower are open to the public.


16 New Street:

Built in the early 18th century, 16 New Street was saved from demolition by the National Trust and is a beautiful example of a Georgian town house in St Helier.Find out more here





Maritime Museum:

Our favourite museum on the island, the Maritime Museum takes the sea and Jersey's central relationship with it as its theme. The museum has attracted widespread acclaim for its emphasis on ‘learning through doing’ – visitors are not only allowed to touch the exhibits they are encouraged to. Children will enjoy the experience as much as adults.

Jersey Museum:

This award-winning local museum mixes modern interactive displays with exhibits that tell the story of Jersey’s past.

Special exhibitions are held throughout the year and a section of the building has been restored to show the house of a wealthy shipbuilding family in the 18th and 19th centuries. 
Open all year round.