5 Fun Things to Do in Jersey



Descend from a cliff or tower using harnesses and ropes. [Find out more...]



Put the wind in your sails with a thrilling ride across St Aubin's Bay) on one of our state of the art wind powered sand yachts.   [Find out more...]



Perhaps the best Coasteering experience in the UK, from gullies to cliffs, caves and secret beaches, and for the brave the occasional cliff jump in to deep water. 8 years old and above and obviously, swimmers. [Find out more...]



Tours and courses around the stunning Jersey coastline. Explore secret sea caves. [Find out more...]



Stand Up Paddle - SUP- Boarding is the newest water sports craze. It is a great water sport for all ages and fitness levels.

Join us on a paddle around Jersey’s crystal clear waters and the chance of coming side by side with dolphins. [Find out more...]


Established in 1993, Jersey Adventures is Jersey's leading activity operator. 

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